Tomasz Gackoski

Stan Szadkowski

Stan is an experienced entrepreneur with 50 years of experience in leading edge technologies. Most relevant is fact that he is one of main founders of ICPT, which means that he has 15 years of experience in e-mobility. Which in the end has turned to be current ICPT that one of the most innovative companies in lithium ion traction batteries market. In the same time Stans passion for sailing, has lead him to start Silent Straits, as new business opportunity that has a huge potential, and is on a market that is not mature yet.

Tomasz is an engineer and founder of TG yachts. With 11 years of experience in advanced light weight structures on engineering side. He was involved in more than 30 marine projects, and few dozen of other industrial projects – all related to carbon composites and innovative solutions. As he has aerospace educational background he was involved in development of latest technology for traction batteries on both structural and thermal management technical sides. He works now over 3 years on development of high power platform with large energy storage systems.  

People Behind Silent Straits

Silent Straits Ltd. Continental office:Ul. Wróbla 6, 02-736 Warsaw, Poland

Advanced Electric Propulsion & Yachts