Future of boating

Business opportunities

Our way of thinking

Future of boating is changing here and now. It can be observed that new companies are growing, and old ones are changing to meet today’s and nearest future world of yachting. Some “hot” words and topics are being founded and used widely in marketing activities, some examples are as follows:

  • Sustainability
  • Silence
  • Comfort
  • Eco friendly
  • Green energy
  • Green concepts
  • Green technology
  • Innovation
  • Clean
  • Clean electric

Regulations are changing and will be changing with aim for zero emission and recyclable solutions.

We decided to extend our business opportunities. We are developing propulsion systems with AMPROS, and use them in EMY. Our strategy is that we are helping growing marine industry meet their needs in future solutions. As we have personal experience in e-mobility over lats 15 years, we have seen different approaches with and without successful results in automotive. We have learned many, but one of the most important factors is that you need to have knowledge to be competitive in this field. Pure innovation in one small aspect is simply not enough. Having the best, lightest and most compact electric motor is just a small part of complicated system.

In projects that we are handling, and aiming for, team of skilled people, with experience is a key factor. In field of e-mobility on water, especially of relatively high powers (400kW+) there is no place for mistakes. In the same time it is absolutely a must to have team with diverse skills such as:

  • System engineers
  • Software engineers (Embedded specialist – not typical java programmers)
  • Electrical engineers (700 volt DC system is different type of beast compared to save 48 volts)
  • Battery experts (lithium ion traction battery, has different levels of safety compared to anything else)
  • Management that understands technical aspects

We have all above, and we are growing. Therefore we do have everything that is needed for, widely understand, success.

It came out naturally that we have two business opportunities. We decided that we should focus on lower volumes but bigger systems. This is our niche that we believe is quite difficult for anyone else to develop. Currently producers of electric propulsion stops at 100-200kW, while we starts at 800kW of power. It means that we are opening possibilities for bigger yachts. It is worth noting that currently owners of big electric cars (Tycan, Tesla X or S) can use only small electric boats. If they are consistent in their lives (in terms of being environmental friendly, and carrying about climate change) they have very limited option to use boating in bigger scale. In this context we are a real game changer. We can save significant time of a development of new boats with our propulsion in cooperation with shipyards that will need it, significantly reducing their time and cost of development along with system failure risk (which is high).

Because we developed our demonstrator as ready product we offer to end clients ready yachts as well. We have learned a lot, and minimised risk of failure by use of services from companies with good reputation and proven track of records. Yard that ahs build our boat has experience and delivers good quality – which is absolute must for electric boats. It is worth noting that expensive electric cars, if they are well design and equipped, have no problems with selling. As we have boats with propulsion that no one else has, with high end finish and equipment there is simply no competition at the market. And if there will be, it most likely one with propulsion delivered by AMPROS.


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