Advanced Electric Propulsion & Yachts

The future is electric, and it is very difficult to disagree with that. As pleasure marine is growing, and more people start to care about our planet, sustainability is becoming more popular. More and more marine brands find it an interesting approach for the future of boating, and many people are starting realize that marine is slightly behind automotive.

In today’s world, electric buses are becoming a standard. The electric car market is growing, and everyone is looking for solutions to meet government regulations. It is evident that similar developments will happen within the pleasureyacht industry.

Our first boat was nominated to the "Gustave Trouve Award" as a design/pre-production boat of 2021 over 8m in length.




Some key data:

Nominal power – 2 x 400kW·

Max power – 998kW (achieved during sea trials – when boat accelerates)·

Max continuous power ~860kW (reached at 32kn)·

Max torque on one shaft – 3000 Nm (during acceleration)·

All achieved on batteries only!

Our core business is electric propulsion, and that is why the AMPROS division was started. We are responsible for the development and implementation of our propulsion solutions. We have a big group of engineers working in this field who have an impressive background and experience in battery design, automotive, and aerospace fields. Due to very close cooperation with ICPT (a leading Polish company in the development of lithium-ion traction batteries), we were able to create a very sophisticated, and in the end, user-friendly system that works.

Our interest in marine electrification started in 2016. At that time, we were looking for a shipyard that would be a valid partner to make a demonstrator together. We were not successful in this field because we did not understand that we needed a new design with a new global approach to make it. That is when we decided to design our first yacht independent of any yacht brand. We decided to make a boat that would be an ultimate reference for us. This is how we ended up with Sialia 57 and in Latitude Yachts, a carbon expert yard that focuses on high-end projects of super yachts. Based on this, Electric Motor Yachts brand started.

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Advanced Electric Propulsion & Yachts